We have always wanted to have a brand of our own to express our vision of good looking gear. It is important for us to help our friends achieve the same. We come with a background of sports and especially golf.

Golf is what we have done all our lives. It is our lifestyle. In golf, it is very essential to have clothing that feels good, look good and most importantly, make you feel confident about yourself. We have always gained confidence on and off the course from wearing the clothing that we know is on par with me, my personality, my values and my body. At best, the clothing I put on, makes me feel untouchable.


We think everyone throughout the history who has been wearing any kinds of garments can accompany us with these feelings.

Everyone has had a moment when your clothing has given you a confidence boost. Whatever you do, you always have your own style of doing things. Every musician, poet, athlete, teacher or worker at any line of life have their own unique style of doing things. What you wear helps you define your essence, your style.

PEGO GEAR wants to help you define and show who you are, on the golf course, in the hockey game, school class, fishing, travelling, where-ever. Get geared, comfortable and have style with PEGO GEAR. #FASTPLAYISWINNING #>>